This is a message from Lynne Lauren’s daughters: 

Kaeleigh and Stevie-Ann Beddoe

We deeply regret to explain that our mother, Lynne Lauren passed away suddenly on the 16th November 2012.  I am sincerely apologetic that we have been delayed on updating Lynne’s website, and that we haven’t been able to return many messages received to her website, email or phone. We haven’t yet been able to explain what has happened to some of Lynne’s friends, as we have a limited knowledge of all of who Lynne worked with over the years and are unable to access some of Lynne’s contact accounts. Please understand that this has been an incredibly difficult shock for us to come to terms with and please accept our sincere apology.

If you knew Lynne personally and would like to speak with one of us in concern of her sudden passing, please email us directly on either of the following email addresses:

Kaeleigh.beddoe@hotmail.co.uk or stevie-ann.beddoe@live.co.uk

We will also be returning messages that have reached us in the coming months.

 New Information on Lynne’s Paradigm Star Astrology for 2013/2014

See the ‘Starcharts’ website page for more information

Kaeleigh Beddoe, (Lynne’ daughter) has been working with Lynne to produce her Paradigm Star charts in her last year.

Only one week before she passed away, Lynne had completely finished writing the final Starchart catalogue. As Lynne was so incredibly pleased the development of her own esoteric astrological charts, Kaeleigh will continue to put together Lynne’s charts on request, in her absence. This is with utmost respect to the work that our mother produced in her lifetime, and in respect of all the people that she has helped and can continue to help.

She felt that this was one of her best achievements in her life’s work and we feel that it would be a great waste not to continue it on her behalf. Lynne believed they are a valuable personal tool that can help many overcome life obstacles, in which they have been a great support to many.

If you are interested in receiving a personalised star chart written by Lynne Lauren, please email Kaeleigh at:



Welcome to my web site

I have been reading professionally for sixteen years and studying spirituality for twenty four years. Being born and brought up in Wales, UK, my Father taught me meditation at the age of 5 and it has shaped my life ever since.

I have given readings and lectures at Mind, Body & Spirit shows in Wales and the UK, Ireland, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I also give readings in the healing areas of festivals such as Glastonbury, Big Chill and Green Man and people from all walks of life.

My workshops and seminars topics include the Third Eye, the Spiritual Planes, Psychic development, Channeling, Visualisation meditation, Spiritual insights into Film and music, Soul Astrology, Numerology, Crystaline Energy, Mathemagic.

For information on the Starcharts, my book and CD please view the shop

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I didn’t believe in psychics until I met Lynne.   Jameela Jamil   TV & Radio 1 Presenter.


My first reading with Lynne was at the Big Chill Festival in August 2010.  I didn’t believe in psychics in the slightest.  I thought it a load of rubbish and something of a rip-off, but something kept drawing me to her stall.  So I took the plunge and quite simply was amazed. With pinpoint accuracy and insight she described incredibly personal and difficult situations with detail that no-one could have ever known.  She gave me a timeline as how things would resolve themselves over the coming months and years and within weeks EVERYTHING she said started to happen.  I am now a complete convert and trave to Wales to see Lynne three or four times a year.

I have also had my astrological Starchart done by her.  She has helped with situations I need more guidance with but more importantly has highlighted underlying issues and situations in my life I have not been paying attention to.  Quite simply I trust her with my life and would recommend her to anyone!   Jemma Cooper, BBC TV and Radio Presenter.

Lynne is not a ‘run of the mill’ psychic but a unique, natural intuitive who nurtures your life outlook.  Incredibly insightful and accurate.  I’d given up hope but she told me we’d have a new addition to the family, a little girl.  Our new baby is due in two months time and yes – its a girl!!      Mel,  Jewellery Designer, Oxfordshire 

Lynne is simply the best clairvoyant psychic I have ever had readings from.  She is multi talented and her Starcharts are amazing for the invaluable insight and guidance they offer.  Thanks Lynne for being You!    Gill Gregson,  SRT Pracitioner, Usui Reiki Master.

Photo: theteam@memento-arts.co.uk